I was born in Bologna, Italy, where I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in the ’60s.

My four years at the Academy consisted in the study of painting, anatomy, printmaking & art history.  While still at the Academy I was involved in the formation of a pre-Arte Povera group of artists working in the Studio Bentivoglio, Bologna, in 1965 - 67.  Later we exhibited our work at the Sala Degli Specchi, Ca' Giustinian, Venezia, Italy.

I left Italy at the end of 1967 for London & Paris, later Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia – especially India.

I arrived in Sydney in 1970, then Melbourne the year after, where I have lived since.

In Melbourne I attended Melbourne Teachers’ College in Carlton for a Bachelor in Art & Craft, majoring in photography under the guidance of Mark Strizic.

I have exhibited extensively in Melbourne over the last 40 years, as well as teaching Art in Secondary Colleges.

I travel extensively to the Centre and/or North of Australia in an attempt to understand the essence of this land, bring the experiences back to my studio & develop a body of work that incorporates my European roots with an understanding of the land in Australia.

My work begins at the point of gesture and intuition rather than from an idea and while it seems non-figurative, it is hugely humane in tone and appearance, simultaneously abstract and representational, symbolic and figurative.

I do not plan a work, I do not draw.  My first communion is therefore with the support material - whether canvas, wood or other - the size and shape of which plays a determining role in the direction the work will take.

 From a very young age I was inspired by the way a single brushstroke can express the origin of all existence, the root of infinite representations.  I give ample credibility to the symbolic life of the unconscious.  The unconscious is a repository

 of temporarily eclipsed contents that continue to influence conscious processes.  When an unconscious recollection enters my creative work and is expressed symbolically and visually on to the canvas, it assumes an autonomous life, through

 stages of transformation and interdependence on temporal stimuli of the here and now.

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